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Photos - Renee Anderson, Emerald. QLD.

Cash Brokerage

Our cash brokerage business services growers in Northern NSW, Queensland, and the Northern Territory specialising in cotton, wheat, barley, sorghum and chickpeas. 


Our focus is not only to find you the best price on any given day, but also to assist you decide when and to whom to sell – based not only on underlying market conditions, but also on where you sit in your own production cycle and your level of risk appetite. 


In depth market analysis, seasonal analysis, and – critically – counterparty analysis are the key tools we use to assist in your decision making – and we aim to communicate our conclusions to you clearly, concisely and regularly.


Importantly, our brokerage fees are charged to the grower after your product has been delivered and paid for – ensuring we always act in your best interest – right through to final execution.